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Thoughts on the Protest this Weekend

I am likely going to talk about this subject on the next episode of Think Tank, but I figure I should voice some of my thoughts here for a brief moment. Here is a point of view that will likely receive a lot of negative criticism and I should begin this conversation by simply saying I am not afraid to be wrong. This Saturday, people took to the streets to protest the Trump administration and someone even called for riots via the Antifa Civil War concept. While I am glad that has not happened and I’ll elaborate on that in the Think Tank Podcast… I wanted to talk a little about protesting.

I don’t believe that protesting has had the same effects that it once did in the past; and currently it provides an inconvenience to the people around you and could potentially set back your cause tremendously. Protests used to be a way of awareness for certain issues when it was harder for information to be spread. But awareness for an issue is now currently able to be presented much earlier than when a protest can be organized. In other words, you are bringing attention to an issue that people are most likely already aware of. People see a protest on anti-trump in Los Angeles and they basically say, “We already know you are unhappy, but don’t block traffic.”

And then people get angry, and protesting can lead to riots and violence. I don’t want to see people get hurt and I want to see people safe. People are angry and anger leads to people choosing not to listen. Protesting fuels anger on both sides, and disrupts a proactive conversation. I want to advise to try and control your anger, and talk to the other side; you may find you are not so different after all and perhaps compromise can be reached. Don’t do something that may hinder your cause. I admit I am no expert, and protesting may still be beneficial but please control the emotion behind it.

I encourage peace.