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New Year Goals and Thoughts

I sit in between these two holidays in a state of wonder. Recently, I’ve been trying to get my leg up in the world. Attempting to create an opportunity for myself to be able to make a living in Southern California. But these things take time, patience, and sometimes a decent amount of money. For example, I’m looking to buy a plane ticket to Washington to attempt to get a graduate assistantship for the upcoming Fall term. A step like this would allow me to get an apartment while also progressing my career goals and ideals. But I have to buy that plane ticket and the idea that I’m spending money to eventually make more money seems to be a conversation of debate about using financial resources. I bought my Yeti microphone when I first started to podcast for the promise that perhaps pwrlvl will make a couple of dollars to reimburse that eventually.

But with the New Year comes a natural time to reevaluate my goals and figure out so consistency with my patreon, upcoming book campaign, music, and spending time with the people I love. Here are some things that are definitely on the market for that.

January 7th will be the first episode of Think Tank of the new year, and I am aiming for 48 episodes in the 52 week year. Think Tank is a cultural anyasis podcast where we take some news articles and truly attempt to see the state of the world through what the media is putting out. Listen in for that!

Think Tank Image.jpg


January 8th, “Lowrollers Live” officially launches on where I’ll be storytelling a group of people through Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. The story of the Wounded King has arisen and our young heroes must band together to attempt to save the world from the evil they have committed.


March 1st, will be the beginning mark of my 180-day book campaign to hit a presale goal to get my book published fully. Follow Asmund Steiner as he stumbles on the secret to magic in this Science-Fantasy world. Book will be told from two perspectives, Asmund dealing with his current problems in a realistic tone, and Asmund telling his past in a biased manner.

Summer of 2018, I want to get a CD in a studio. I’ve speculating doing some work with Harrison Scannell where we have briefly talked about rearranging the Four Seasons for a variety of bass frequency instruments, or perhaps a solo CD featuring a great amount or repertoire. This depends on budget though, and the Spring I'll be looking at costs for such a project.fd1

Patreon will undergo some new changes for the new year. I’ll be charging per story from here on out instead of a monthly membership. I’ll reevaluate the tiers of pay and some of the goals by the end of the year and launch that soon.

Fall 2018 is where I hope to be back in school for music. I didn’t find much classical recital work with just my B.M. in Music Performance except for having some consistent jazz gigs. I hope to remedy that as well. I am also aiming to potentially start a recital series in late Spring and Early Summer as well. Hopefully, something will come here but I may be late in planning such an activity.

Look forward to new content from myself and stay tuned for more info!