Writer, musician, and host

A few thoughts on the state of the art

I knew at a very young age, I wanted to do great things. All the prospective careers I have thought of involved an element of grandeur. I wanted to be Captain America for a little bit, then I wanted to be a cop. After some time, I wanted to be a forensic scientist with the FBI before I went full swing to being a musician. Now as I sit contemplating my post undergraduate life, all I want to do is be a creator. I want to create stories that stir the soul. I want to be a person who can master art form that people appreciate. But it seems like my greatest sin to many people; is that I have a desire to get paid for it.

As I launch my patreon account and musical endeavors with the effort to do something positive with it, I have come across a lot of opposition of people telling me to get a “real job”. Since when is creating not a real job? Why can’t I do something I deeply love to do and find support from my peers and friends? It has been a conundrum. It is like the idea that musicians need to play “for exposure” and not for the paycheck we as a society do not like to pay the people who bring us art.

And as the world seems to be going into darker places, we need to take the time and support the positive aspects of culture, which I believe comes from the arts. If we can support the arts, we will be more united as a society to deal with problems of unity and harmony. Instead, right now we see arguments on social media involving insults to people you hardly meet.

With all that being said, I will simply say; I support artists. I support creators. I support my friends who are trying new things. I support unity. I support peace.