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The Next Week or So

Tomorrow I leave for India with the Salvation Army in an attempt to teach and play some music. And I always have a hard time traveling. On one hand, there are a lot of reasons to stay home. This time around though, the trip has cost me a couple of job opportunities. I recently graduated college and with that experience I came across a lot of trials. I thought I was set for a new job but in reality it appears that I overestimated my status in the job I was slated to get. As I went into the job market from here, most people were saying that they were not ready to hire someone who is heading to India within the first month of working.

And on top of that, I was in a near-fatal car accident that has really put a struggle on the physical capabilities. I had to learn to adapt and "slow down". And all this happened while having tremendous emotional struggle of a lot of things coming down and coming at me when I was my physically weak, but I won't focus so much on that. 

But during this time that since I have realized I can't look for a job pre-India, I decided how I wanted to live my life. I want to do it where I can free-lance and stay at home as a writer and creator, while being able to do solo recitals once in a blue moon. And as I launched my patreon account and made this known to many people, I was caught with a lot of resistance and not a lot of support. From friends not doing truly understanding, to people saying that "free-lance" creators cannot exist as a career without extreme consequences. I have thus opted to disagree. I am attempting to launch a career (albeit that it will take a long while) where I can work on my own time so I can also do the necessary stuff during my personal life. This concept of patreon, and eventually podcasting, was a first step in realizing that I can do what I need to have a career where I can spend the day doing work, and spend the evening with my family. And many people do not believe that it is possible, but I disagree I have seen examples of it happening. And I just need to play smart and work hard.

I think this is a very important step, that I understand this will take many years to develop. But I think it is very important that my goals and intentions are not selfish but to try and set a schedule that works around myself, not necessarily my personal life working around my job. I don't think my patreon launch was really that successful, but I am going to leave for the trip in India and do some extremely good work in the world and try and give back a little good in the world. And when I get back, I am going to do some good work. I am going to release some reviews and figure out my plans for that as well. Wish me luck in India, to really help out and then come back here and work on free lance, get a day job, fix some personal issues, and find some much needed stability.