Writer, musician, and host

Introduction to an Art Creation Series

I was reflecting a bit on what I like about writing, storytelling, and music and I came to the conclusion that a lot of these fields have a great deal of introspective preparation involved. Then you take this preparation and implement a deal of collaboration. Think of Lowrollers Live, I spend a decent amount of time prior to the session planning the game and then I sit down at the table and reveal the content I have created for my player to react. For writing, I take some time to fully create a story and then send it to the editor to receive some notes on how perfect it. Music works much the same way, a great deal of individual practice to prepare to take it to your ensemble.

I’ve been moving away from music since I graduated college and I think that is because I wasn’t playing much with a classical ensemble for the past six months. The work I have been getting has been more contemporary and not in musical genres I've studied. I think back to when I played regularly in some of my chamber groups. We strive for perfection and collaborated to truly make some magical musical moments. 

And beyond that collaboration aspect, there is the audience who looks at the art you made. Over the next couple of weeks, I think I am going to elaborate on each of these steps. Starting with the isolation preparation, moving into the collaboration aspect, and then the feeding the content to the audience.

Here are a couple of pictures with people I truly enjoy collaborating with.