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Coming Back to the World of the Living

It has been a while since I have wrote. I needed to take some time to readjust some aspects of my life and figure out what is good for me and my mental and physical health. I have the pleasure of announcing some new projects and giving a status update on some of my old ones.


First and foremost. My brand has added a new element called Skald’s Tale which will include Wyvern’s Aria. If you are unfamiliar with Wyvern’s Aria, it is a podcast that tells a story of a fantasy continent crash landing in a cyberpunk world. It has a great cast of characters and will be concluding its first season at the end of the year.


Additionally, we are adding a new stream that will be starting this Thursday at 10AM Pacifitic time on Night of the Black Sun tells the story of a permanent Solar Eclipse that brings terror among the world. This stream features the new system of Pathfinder 2nd edition. This edition is great and will be writing a full review soon.

I’m currently writing on my thesis and book called The Voyages of Yvette Ealdwine that tells the story of a woman traveling around hearing the mythos of her father from different places who have different opinions. I plan to finish this book and set it up for publication before working on my bigger project called loosely Fire in the Blood.

I am also looking to do a move shortly. Recently, I have had high blood pressure and high heart rate issues which makes Los Angeles’ price of living almost unbearable. So my wife and I are figuring out what would be best for her goals, my goals, and the best environment for our daughter. Looking forward to writing more for you guys!