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Sometimes getting a game is difficult. You spend hours scrolling the Roll20 ad board, fantasy grounds, and the lfg reddit. Get into 1 of the 50 games you applied for and then the game falls apart because the Game Master is "not feeling it". I know what that feels like first hand and I am seeking to help fix this problem in the gaming community. For a small financial contribution, I can provide you a gaming experience that won't break down after a few sessions, includes quality storytelling, and create a relaxing space where you can enjoy the game. I primarily run D&D 5e but am willing to branch out to other games for my players.

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Open games

Friday 10:30AM to 2:30PM PST
Saturday 11:30AM to 2:30 PM PST

Please see individual ads for specific game details

If you have a group of people who want to play and cannot make this time. Send me a message and we can perhaps start a campaign for you and your friends at a more realistic time.

About my games

My name is Chris (24) and I have been DMing since I was a child. When I hit college, my friends and I started playing 5e as beta testers and then pretty much played 5e exclusively when the full edition came out. I work as a musician, writer, and host as a day job with the common thread of storytelling.

When I started playing tabletop games, it was difficult for people to volunteer to be the Game Master and that can be hard for players. I'm giving you the opportunity to relax and have fun with someone who knows the system very well. I tend to lead a story heavy game that is character driven but sometimes that may be difficult for a new party and new players. Generally, the first arc "Tyranny of Tyria" is a storyline I run often to try and let the players settle into their characters before we go into more character-driven plot line. You can see my DMing at and watch our Monday show if interested.

These games are a pay to play, and what I am providing is a chance for players to put in a small financial incentive and play with an experienced DM

Character Creation

The game is allowing all published content except for races that get an inherent flying speed. Players cannot be evil for evil's sake. You may be power hungry or have lawful evil ambitions, but characters who want to specifically cause mayhem tend to derail the campaign. The party starts at level 3, will get a free level 1 feat, takes max hp for the first 3 levels, and will get both their starting equipment from background/class as well as rolling on the wealth table.*As I learn more about your race and class choice, I can send you some documents over specifics of culture, deities, and tensions between the nations. At the start of the campaign, the players need to pick a side and be willing to work to find out what actually started the civil war. Players are expected to metagame in the sense where they will work with their party instead of going against them. Besides that, I expect players to keep it in character most of the time.

If one player cannot make a session (things happen and people get busy), then I will take over control of the character. If two people cannot make a session, the session will be canceled and money will be refunded. Please give 24-hour notice if you cannot make a session if able. Payment is expected before the session. If interested, send me a couple of character descriptions that you may want to play. **Please mention in your application that you are aware that this is a Pay to Play Campaign.** Iā€™m pretty flexible when it comes to payment: if you are waiting for your next paycheck please communicate with me, and we can work a tab until the next time you are a little more financially stable.

I prefer a balanced party if possible. Luckily, the game allows a lot of flexibility with party roles, where even a rogue, bard, and wizard can take a tank role, sorcerers and warlocks can heal, and a cleric can be an offensive spell caster. So if you are looking to play a wizard type, there are 3-4 different roles you can build the character within the same backstory premise. I wrote an article about balanced parties here to give you some insights on the subject.


Rachael Murphy - "Chris is a great DM. His campaigns are character driven. Expect to come in with a decently formed character and really explore it even more throughout your D&D journey. His stories are engaging and provide a multitude of options to let your character's personality shine. One of my favorite story/character moments was when it was finally revealed to my party that I was a tiefling. Up until that point I had hidden and disguised myself as a drow (AKA I passed all my bluff checks like a boss). In the middle of battle, my character leapt across a flaming bed, where his clothes caught on fire - but he took no damage - and his tail whipped out of his cloak to help him balance in flight. As he landed his hood was thrown back to reveal his small horns. While the rest of the party stared at the new revelation, he killed the enemy with a quick dagger thrust and finished the fight.

Moments like that happen all the time with Chris' DM style and stories. If you like heavy role play with awesome combat that flows naturally from the story, his campaigns are for you. They're witty, clever, and fun."

Danny Garcia - Astor Mithlader "Playing Dungeons and Dragons with Dungeon Master Christopher Rondeau has been a vast array of enjoyable experiences. He is one of the first serious Dungeon Masters that I played under who was able to garner my appreciation for Tabletop Role-Playing, particularly Dungeons and Dragons. His story-driven style of gaming allows for each of his players to shine at some point during his campaign. Recently there was a chapter in a city of illusions called Zhengzhou where all of the characters had a moment to stand out. Mine in particular had the dilemma of figuring out whether to be an adventurer trying to grow into a hero, or to be a grander part of his significant other's life. The struggle was honestly aggravating, but it was enjoyable and very insightful to wear a pair of shoes that are not mine. As a result of playing this story-driven style of D&D, I myself have gained an appreciation for storytelling. In other words, if good story is something you appreciate as part of a game, Christopher Rondeau is your Dungeon Master."