Writer, musician, and host

Christopher Rondeau started his desire to create at a very young age. Under the tutelage of the Salvation Army, Rondeau began his education at the age of five on percussion and cornet. One fateful day, Rondeau intentionally left his cornet at music camp in hopes of being allowed to try a new instrument. He succeeded. At the age of seven he picked up a euphonium and has never looked back since. Since then Rondeau has become an international soloist and a respected artist. Rondeau has recently graduated from Biola University with a Music Performance degree where he studied primary with Loren Marsteller. And throughout his many years of playing he has received instruction from Roger Bobo, Patrick Sheridan, Aaron Vanderweele, Derick Kane, and Beth Mitchell. Currently, Christopher Rondeau is a freelance player and is teacher in Southern California.

As a writer, Christopher Rondeau began to write as a middle school student where he found an opportunity to create. The National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) was about to begin and Rondeau was given the opportunity to participate. Rondeau was able to complete a 50,000-word novel in 1 month and received recognition by the school for competing such a task. After successfully completing the novel, Rondeau became enticed to create stories and has thus been writing privately ever since. It has become a recent desire to publish his writing and share a good story and hopefully read one in return.

One time, when Christopher Rondeau was in college he was approached by Daniel Allinson to join a project of his. Allinson wanted to create a podcasting network and create content and invited Rondeau to a podcast called Lowrollers, a D&D play podcast. Rondeau went into recording and realize that podcasting a new medium of performance and caught a bug. And as such, he has a desire to become a major part of Allinson’s podcasting network Rondeau will be launching several projects and revamps as part of a new initiative of his to create great content in several mediums of performance.